Welcome to potty training boys! We believe that with the right equipment, advice and a great attitude you can succeed in your potty training mission. Below we review the Equipment & Gear you will need when you ‘tool up’ to potty train your boy. Also check out our extensive potty training guides in our Advice & Tips section and for a real world potty training story read Laurence’s Diary. Good luck!

This is pretty simple. We’re guessing you have read our guide to the essential equipment you’ll need for toilet training. So, you are going to need at least one of these trainer type seats sooner or later. If you live in a large house we suggest one for each bathroom your boy is likely to use. It’s not an expensive item, so why run around the house looking for the seat in a hurry – let’s face it when nature calls during potty training there isn’t time for that.

Our recommendation is to have these in the house from the start, even if you are using a floor based potty to start the potty training. That will familiarise your boy with them and natural curiosity will get him onto it.

The Tippitoes Toilet Trainer Seat does exactly what it needs to do – it is comfortable, sits securely in its place and is easily cleaned. Its great value for money so you can afford to get a few of them for all those ensuites! You can get this toilet trainer in white, blue or pink (pink – urggghhh don’t you know this site is for potty training boys). Some bottoms may prefer something with a more cushioning seat, but for most boys this will do the job just fine.

We say this seat is simple, effective and good value. Not to mention this is the bestselling potty seat and has pretty much five stars all round on the reviews – it’s an easy decision. Job done! – No pun intended…

If you want to check out some great alternatives, here are a selection of our favourites…

Training ballsNot those balls, these balls. There are various methods by which you can encourage your boy to use the toilet and to improve his aim and this is one great way to try. The manufacturer claims these will accelerate the toilet training process, make potty training more fun, and help you get your boy out of nappies faster, whilst giving your boy a point of focus when using the loo. At the end of the day, you don’t want to be scrabbling around under there mopping up wee any longer than absolutely necessary. Check out some user reviews here. These toilet training balls are primarily to improve aim, but they might just also encourage early use as well, particularly if your boy has got rather used to the potty and has no interest in the scary ‘big toilet’.

There are other home-grown options as well – one tip we received from a parent was to throw a table tennis (ping pong) ball in the toilet and have your boy aim at that. It should stay in the loo even after flushing (excepting an adult visit complete with serious paper usage may send it around the bend). Perhaps a pack of 12 bright orange ones will do the trick.

Another option for improving aim is a sticker-based approach. These ‘Magic target stickers’ adhere to the back of the toilet bowl, above the waterline of course, and the heat sensitive sticker will change colour and display a ‘well done’ message when your boy hits the target. Just make sure your toilet porcelain is absolutely dry when you first stick it on or it will have a short lifespan. You can also stick these in your potty to encourage use.

One way to really motivate your boy might be to make sure all his potty training equipment is branded with his favourite character or animation. Disney supply a great range for their best known franchises, such as the ‘Cars’ animation films – you can go the whole hog and get a Cars potty, a Cars soft training seat and a Cars step up stool all in red with Cars character illustrations of course!

Your boy doesn’t like cars? What about Disney Toy Story? It might be all it takes to get him on that seat!

Alternatively if your boy is mad about Ben 10, Peppa Pig or one of the other many kids favourite personalities, you can look for other suppliers for a character-branded potty. When you are potty training you have to treat it like a mission, and on any serious mission, it pays to be tooled up. Use your imagination and think about what it is going to take to motivate your little soldier!

There are loads of different reward systems you can use to help with potty training. Of course you can always make or draw your own, but there are several that you buy off the shelf that come highly recommended in parents reviews.

My Big Star Chart is popular because you can tailor your parenting needs with different behaviour-type stickers combined with star and smiley face award-type stickers.

This Star Chart is magnetic with a range of category and star magnets. It is wipe clean and can be customised to your behavioural choices.

My Wee Friend is a bit unusual, but with a few caveats it seems to work for lots of happy parents. It is a sticker than you put in the bottom of your potty with a face that smiles when your child uses the potty! It will require a flat bottomed potty with an even surface to ensure it sticks. For curious boys this system seems to be a real hit. Remember – if you have multiple potties you’ll need more than one to avoid him refusing at the non-sticker potty!

There are plenty of books that incorporate a chart and reward stickers pack as well. Boys’ Potty Time is one great example that has good user reviews. There are lots of others including ‘Big Boys Use the Potty’ and ‘Pirate Potty’.

Alternatively you could get a Reward Chart sticker book pack based on your boy’s favourite TV programme or character. There are lots of choices here but for suggestions you could try Bob the Builder, Fireman Sam or Thomas and Friends.

OK, you want to get your toddler learning a language whilst potty training?! Well I don’t advise it, but some people have high aspirations. Talk about ‘multi-tasking – this is the ultimate! Try 360 Spanish Reward Stickers.

I think you’ve got the idea – there are loads of options and it pays to have a few of them up your sleeve when potty training boys. Boys are naturally curious and respond well to parental praise and reward. If you structure this correctly it can provide great motivation for your boy’s potty training mission.

The First Years Soft Trainer toilet seat is a great option if you find your toddler refuses to sit on a hard plastic training seat. It has a squidgy soft seat that will allow your boy to sit and contemplate his potty training efforts. Jesting aside, being a learner can mean longer time periods spent just sitting on the seat, and if you want to avoid your boy not playing ball in that regards a soft seat like this will certainly help.

If you also need a soft seat for travelling purposes, you could try the Cushie Traveler Toilet Training Seat. This is a padded folding potty seat for travel on short and long trips. It folds up into its washable carry bag and then can be thrown a changing bag or similar. There are brackets underneath that keep the seat from sliding and it is easy to clean with wipes. The Cushie is not an ideal permanent solution for the home in our view, but it’s a solution for trips or travelling when you don’t have space for a potty or rigid seat. Alternatively also look at our information on travel potties and the brilliant ‘potette’.

Then this has got to be the answer – a dinosaur potty! This funky Dino Potty
by Summer Infant will bring out the “RAAAAAAA” in your boy when he is learning to use the potty. It comes in a suitably lurid blue and green, incorporates a removable bucket and built in handles. The carry handle is ridged like any good dinosaur potty should be and the best bit for us was the oversized splash guard for boys. This is one great new potty for any dinosaur-mad boy! There are also great pink dinosaur potties for girls but we don’t talk about girls here – we suggest searching for potty training girls and seeing if they can help.

Oh, you say your boy doesn’t like dinosaurs…well then I guess maybe he likes frogs? If that’s the case, this Froggy Potty is one of the bestselling potties on the market.

This is one serious piece of potty training kit and looking at the customer reviews for this it seriously works!  The Summer Infant Potty Training System recreates the adult experience in a smaller package combining a potty, step and paper dispenser.  This is a solid potty with a lid, side handles and a built in toilet paper dispenser.  Toddlers will love the soft seat if they intend on hanging around on the job for a while and its easy to empty with the removable jug-shaped potty under the seat.   For boys keen on gadgets and having their own space, a toilet in miniature form could just work wonders with potty training motivation.  You may think it looks on the large side and not something you’d particularly want to give up house space for, but at the end of the day with potty training, its whatever works!  Check out the gobsmacking reviews here and you might decide its worth finding the space!

There is also another training system – the Fisher-Price My Potty Friend – that goes one step further by playing encouraging phrases, songs and sounds. It incorporates a ‘wetness’ sensor that plays a sound reward with every success.  Wowzer.   There is a pretend flush mechanism and side handles to help your boy feel more secure.  According to the manufacturer it can be used on a regular toilet seat.  For some people this might all be too much, for others this is the potty to end all potties.  More information here.

The award-winning pottyPOD is a luxurious and high tech potty alternative made by a US company called Prince Lionheart Inc. The product incorporates the sort of ‘squidgy-tech’ that you may have come across in other products like the Bumbo. Available in 3 different colours (we like blue of course!), the PottyPOD claims superior comfort levels and a more realistic toilet training experience. It incorporates Anti-Microbial protection against odours and has a height adjustable base to grow with your toddler.

We haven’t tried this potty but it really is great looking, is it not. Do bear in mind that this product is a fair bit larger than a standard floor potty but clearly this is no ordinary potty! We think it looks the absolute bees knees (or should we say ‘boys knees’) and is consistently in the Top Ten Most Wished For Potties on Amazon. So if you are in the market for something a bit different from the norm and have the modern high tech interior design decor this potty demands, then go for it and tell us all about it afterwards please.
Wow - what a potty!

The switch from a nappy to a combination of disposable training pull-ups and traditional cotton pants during the toilet training process is crucial to get your boy in the right frame of mind for the challenge. As we outline in our advice section, it should be used as an opportunity to get your boy enthused about the change and the move to being a ‘big boy’

Starting out you should have a supply of disposable Pull-ups for Boys– these can be used to get your toddler familiar with pulling up and down whilst providing absorption, but primarily we recommend their use for nighttimes and emergencies when you absolutely cannot bear to leave your potty training boy in cotton pants for fear of unmanageable disasters. Aim to phase them out of day time use as soon as practically possible.

You can also get some pretty absorbent cotton training pants which are specially designed to contain some of the liquid. These are a useful halfway house while you progress.

But soon into potty training you will need to adopt normal cotton pants. These allow a toddler to feel wetness and help the learning process. We say get your boy motivated with the switch – talking about and then involving him in the purchase decision will help him understand and get him ready for what’s required. There are lots of character based pants that really can help your boy take ownership of his toilet training. Here are some great options.

It also helps when the pants become casualties of war, so to speak – the loss of a favourite pair of pants to a training incident can help clarify the importance to your boy of recognising when he needs a poo and letting you know in time. (Warning : this is not a key recommended technique, but worked for our boy!)

When you are potty training your boy you want to make sure you protect your car seat and pushchair from any accidents.  That way, not only will you keep your cool when trying to remain positive with your toddler in the likely event of a mishap, but you’ll also keep those expensive seats and prams clean and dry.  So you’re going to need a waterproof protector of some description.  Yes a bag and a towel is one option, but there are also specific products that are designed for the job and actually do it well.

We used this seat cover from Sunshine Kids – it is a soft padded seat protector that creates a waterproof cushion between your child and the car seat or pushchair upholstery.  Its the best seller in its category for a number of reasons : its stays in its place thanks to a central hole that the seat harness can pass through, it is very effective in preventing wetness reaching the seat, and it is machine washable.  However, you do need to make sure your child is sitting squarely on the protector when putting them in the car or pram for it for work properly.

There are a range of other car seat protectors that may alternatively suit your needs that you can review at the links below.

It goes without saying, you just cannot afford to be potty training out and about without a travel potette.  There are lots of options here but the Potette Plusis one that we used a LOT with our boy.  Even if you dont use it too much it is such a brilliant small potty that brings you complete ease of mind when out and about or travelling, and that is seriously helpful.  The potette folds away and goes into a small bag with a drawstring that you can thrown under the pram, in a changing bag or in the car when you head out of the house.  It comes with a pack of sanitary liners which once used have to be thrown away and replaced.  Its a high quality product which you can easily pop out and put down anywhere.  It also means that you dont have to find a toilet and have your child sit on the toilet seat or touch a seat that might be dirty.  As well as a travel potty the potette can be used as a toliet training seat with the legs folding out to be placed flat on a toilet seat.  We wouldn’t recommend this as a regular alternative to a dedicated toilet training seat but again its helpful if you are at a friends house or if your boy needs a poo at a public toilet.

The potette is very easy to use and transport.  We reckon you can put a packet of wipes, a bag of liners, some wipes, and a bag of nappy sacks in the drawstring bag with the travel potette and you are all set.