Travel ‘Potette’ and you’re all set

It goes without saying, you just cannot afford to be potty training out and about without a travel potette.  There are lots of options here but the Potette Plusis one that we used a LOT with our boy.  Even if you dont use it too much it is such a brilliant small potty that brings you complete ease of mind when out and about or travelling, and that is seriously helpful.  The potette folds away and goes into a small bag with a drawstring that you can thrown under the pram, in a changing bag or in the car when you head out of the house.  It comes with a pack of sanitary liners which once used have to be thrown away and replaced.  Its a high quality product which you can easily pop out and put down anywhere.  It also means that you dont have to find a toilet and have your child sit on the toilet seat or touch a seat that might be dirty.  As well as a travel potty the potette can be used as a toliet training seat with the legs folding out to be placed flat on a toilet seat.  We wouldn’t recommend this as a regular alternative to a dedicated toilet training seat but again its helpful if you are at a friends house or if your boy needs a poo at a public toilet.

The potette is very easy to use and transport.  We reckon you can put a packet of wipes, a bag of liners, some wipes, and a bag of nappy sacks in the drawstring bag with the travel potette and you are all set.

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