‘Potty Training System’ – Thunderbirds are GO!

This is one serious piece of potty training kit and looking at the customer reviews for this it seriously works!  The Summer Infant Potty Training System recreates the adult experience in a smaller package combining a potty, step and paper dispenser.  This is a solid potty with a lid, side handles and a built in toilet paper dispenser.  Toddlers will love the soft seat if they intend on hanging around on the job for a while and its easy to empty with the removable jug-shaped potty under the seat.   For boys keen on gadgets and having their own space, a toilet in miniature form could just work wonders with potty training motivation.  You may think it looks on the large side and not something you’d particularly want to give up house space for, but at the end of the day with potty training, its whatever works!  Check out the gobsmacking reviews here and you might decide its worth finding the space!

There is also another training system – the Fisher-Price My Potty Friend – that goes one step further by playing encouraging phrases, songs and sounds. It incorporates a ‘wetness’ sensor that plays a sound reward with every success.  Wowzer.   There is a pretend flush mechanism and side handles to help your boy feel more secure.  According to the manufacturer it can be used on a regular toilet seat.  For some people this might all be too much, for others this is the potty to end all potties.  More information here.

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