Is your boy potty about dinosaurs?

Then this has got to be the answer – a dinosaur potty! This funky Dino Potty
by Summer Infant will bring out the “RAAAAAAA” in your boy when he is learning to use the potty. It comes in a suitably lurid blue and green, incorporates a removable bucket and built in handles. The carry handle is ridged like any good dinosaur potty should be and the best bit for us was the oversized splash guard for boys. This is one great new potty for any dinosaur-mad boy! There are also great pink dinosaur potties for girls but we don’t talk about girls here – we suggest searching for potty training girls and seeing if they can help.

Oh, you say your boy doesn’t like dinosaurs…well then I guess maybe he likes frogs? If that’s the case, this Froggy Potty is one of the bestselling potties on the market.

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