The bestselling toilet trainer seats

This is pretty simple. We’re guessing you have read our guide to the essential equipment you’ll need for toilet training. So, you are going to need at least one of these trainer type seats sooner or later. If you live in a large house we suggest one for each bathroom your boy is likely to use. It’s not an expensive item, so why run around the house looking for the seat in a hurry – let’s face it when nature calls during potty training there isn’t time for that.

Our recommendation is to have these in the house from the start, even if you are using a floor based potty to start the potty training. That will familiarise your boy with them and natural curiosity will get him onto it.

The Tippitoes Toilet Trainer Seat does exactly what it needs to do – it is comfortable, sits securely in its place and is easily cleaned. Its great value for money so you can afford to get a few of them for all those ensuites! You can get this toilet trainer in white, blue or pink (pink – urggghhh don’t you know this site is for potty training boys). Some bottoms may prefer something with a more cushioning seat, but for most boys this will do the job just fine.

We say this seat is simple, effective and good value. Not to mention this is the bestselling potty seat and has pretty much five stars all round on the reviews – it’s an easy decision. Job done! – No pun intended…

If you want to check out some great alternatives, here are a selection of our favourites…

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