Toilet trainer seat – need something softer?

The First Years Soft Trainer toilet seat is a great option if you find your toddler refuses to sit on a hard plastic training seat. It has a squidgy soft seat that will allow your boy to sit and contemplate his potty training efforts. Jesting aside, being a learner can mean longer time periods spent just sitting on the seat, and if you want to avoid your boy not playing ball in that regards a soft seat like this will certainly help.

If you also need a soft seat for travelling purposes, you could try the Cushie Traveler Toilet Training Seat. This is a padded folding potty seat for travel on short and long trips. It folds up into its washable carry bag and then can be thrown a changing bag or similar. There are brackets underneath that keep the seat from sliding and it is easy to clean with wipes. The Cushie is not an ideal permanent solution for the home in our view, but it’s a solution for trips or travelling when you don’t have space for a potty or rigid seat. Alternatively also look at our information on travel potties and the brilliant ‘potette’.

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