Stickers and stars reward potty training

There are loads of different reward systems you can use to help with potty training. Of course you can always make or draw your own, but there are several that you buy off the shelf that come highly recommended in parents reviews.

My Big Star Chart is popular because you can tailor your parenting needs with different behaviour-type stickers combined with star and smiley face award-type stickers.

This Star Chart is magnetic with a range of category and star magnets. It is wipe clean and can be customised to your behavioural choices.

My Wee Friend is a bit unusual, but with a few caveats it seems to work for lots of happy parents. It is a sticker than you put in the bottom of your potty with a face that smiles when your child uses the potty! It will require a flat bottomed potty with an even surface to ensure it sticks. For curious boys this system seems to be a real hit. Remember – if you have multiple potties you’ll need more than one to avoid him refusing at the non-sticker potty!

There are plenty of books that incorporate a chart and reward stickers pack as well. Boys’ Potty Time is one great example that has good user reviews. There are lots of others including ‘Big Boys Use the Potty’ and ‘Pirate Potty’.

Alternatively you could get a Reward Chart sticker book pack based on your boy’s favourite TV programme or character. There are lots of choices here but for suggestions you could try Bob the Builder, Fireman Sam or Thomas and Friends.

OK, you want to get your toddler learning a language whilst potty training?! Well I don’t advise it, but some people have high aspirations. Talk about ‘multi-tasking – this is the ultimate! Try 360 Spanish Reward Stickers.

I think you’ve got the idea – there are loads of options and it pays to have a few of them up your sleeve when potty training boys. Boys are naturally curious and respond well to parental praise and reward. If you structure this correctly it can provide great motivation for your boy’s potty training mission.

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