Disney Potties with personalities

One way to really motivate your boy might be to make sure all his potty training equipment is branded with his favourite character or animation. Disney supply a great range for their best known franchises, such as the ‘Cars’ animation films – you can go the whole hog and get a Cars potty, a Cars soft training seat and a Cars step up stool all in red with Cars character illustrations of course!

Your boy doesn’t like cars? What about Disney Toy Story? It might be all it takes to get him on that seat!

Alternatively if your boy is mad about Ben 10, Peppa Pig or one of the other many kids favourite personalities, you can look for other suppliers for a character-branded potty. When you are potty training you have to treat it like a mission, and on any serious mission, it pays to be tooled up. Use your imagination and think about what it is going to take to motivate your little soldier!

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