Car seat protectors and covers

When you are potty training your boy you want to make sure you protect your car seat and pushchair from any accidents.  That way, not only will you keep your cool when trying to remain positive with your toddler in the likely event of a mishap, but you’ll also keep those expensive seats and prams clean and dry.  So you’re going to need a waterproof protector of some description.  Yes a bag and a towel is one option, but there are also specific products that are designed for the job and actually do it well.

We used this seat cover from Sunshine Kids – it is a soft padded seat protector that creates a waterproof cushion between your child and the car seat or pushchair upholstery.  Its the best seller in its category for a number of reasons : its stays in its place thanks to a central hole that the seat harness can pass through, it is very effective in preventing wetness reaching the seat, and it is machine washable.  However, you do need to make sure your child is sitting squarely on the protector when putting them in the car or pram for it for work properly.

There are a range of other car seat protectors that may alternatively suit your needs that you can review at the links below.

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