Training balls for boys

Training ballsNot those balls, these balls. There are various methods by which you can encourage your boy to use the toilet and to improve his aim and this is one great way to try. The manufacturer claims these will accelerate the toilet training process, make potty training more fun, and help you get your boy out of nappies faster, whilst giving your boy a point of focus when using the loo. At the end of the day, you don’t want to be scrabbling around under there mopping up wee any longer than absolutely necessary. Check out some user reviews here. These toilet training balls are primarily to improve aim, but they might just also encourage early use as well, particularly if your boy has got rather used to the potty and has no interest in the scary ‘big toilet’.

There are other home-grown options as well – one tip we received from a parent was to throw a table tennis (ping pong) ball in the toilet and have your boy aim at that. It should stay in the loo even after flushing (excepting an adult visit complete with serious paper usage may send it around the bend). Perhaps a pack of 12 bright orange ones will do the trick.

Another option for improving aim is a sticker-based approach. These ‘Magic target stickers’ adhere to the back of the toilet bowl, above the waterline of course, and the heat sensitive sticker will change colour and display a ‘well done’ message when your boy hits the target. Just make sure your toilet porcelain is absolutely dry when you first stick it on or it will have a short lifespan. You can also stick these in your potty to encourage use.

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