Big Boy Pants for toilet training

The switch from a nappy to a combination of disposable training pull-ups and traditional cotton pants during the toilet training process is crucial to get your boy in the right frame of mind for the challenge. As we outline in our advice section, it should be used as an opportunity to get your boy enthused about the change and the move to being a ‘big boy’

Starting out you should have a supply of disposable Pull-ups for Boys– these can be used to get your toddler familiar with pulling up and down whilst providing absorption, but primarily we recommend their use for nighttimes and emergencies when you absolutely cannot bear to leave your potty training boy in cotton pants for fear of unmanageable disasters. Aim to phase them out of day time use as soon as practically possible.

You can also get some pretty absorbent cotton training pants which are specially designed to contain some of the liquid. These are a useful halfway house while you progress.

But soon into potty training you will need to adopt normal cotton pants. These allow a toddler to feel wetness and help the learning process. We say get your boy motivated with the switch – talking about and then involving him in the purchase decision will help him understand and get him ready for what’s required. There are lots of character based pants that really can help your boy take ownership of his toilet training. Here are some great options.

It also helps when the pants become casualties of war, so to speak – the loss of a favourite pair of pants to a training incident can help clarify the importance to your boy of recognising when he needs a poo and letting you know in time. (Warning : this is not a key recommended technique, but worked for our boy!)

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